We thank God for His Love and Mercy during the year 2015.  Due to the growing number of children in our congregation, as well as an increase in new believers, we have moved to a new, larger location nearby.  Here our children will have their own room so that they can learn the Bible and have somewhere safe to play after the Sunday worship.  Our English Group also needs a space for themselves so that they can grow up through worship and fellowship with one another. We thank you Pastors, Professors and Friends from all around the world for your prayers and support since our website was established. Moreover, we encourage everyone to use our website as a way to explore what God has done for His Church on this earth. Reverend Son Minh Dao
Tiếng Việt Tiếng Việt
“The Adelaide Vietnamese Christian & Misssionary Alliance Church”, 2019
Christian Missionary Alliance
  The Adelaide Vietnamese C&MA Church 1 Collingrove Avenue, Broadview, South Australia 5083, Australia
Audio of our latest Sermon is now available here (mp3)
Our Church programs: Please join with us at our regular Sunday worship times: * Sunday School (for adults): 11:15 am * Main worship service commences: 12:15 pm * English Group service commences: 12:30pm (new time) Bible Study: The life of Jesus Christ (Book 3): * Meets on Wednesday of each week at 7:00 pm. Please contact Reverend Son for more details. Holy Communion: * Usually coincides with the 1st Sunday of each month, during Main worship. Women’s group: * Meets on the first Saturday of each month at 7:30 pm (for further details please contact Mrs.Tuyet Thi Huynh via the church) English Group: * For enquiries, please contact Van Anh: 0474 780 294, or via the church.
Welcome to the Adelaide Vietnamese Christian and Missionary Alliance Church
15-09-2019 : Corinthians 14:1-25
See you at church on Sunday at 12:15pm. You, your family and friends are warmly invited to join in and stay on afterwards with us for lunch. . .